• Our Mission

    Give a Child a Chance!

    Our Mission

    SHH is a non-profit foster home assisting the local Chinese Children‘s Welfare Institutes by providing pre and post-surgical care to abandoned Chinese orphan babies born with surgically correctable deformities. SHH provides a home-like environment that meets our babies’ physical, emotional and developmental needs.


    我们致力于协助中国当地的福利机构发展, 为需要进行手术矫正畸形的弃婴提供术前及术后看护。新生命之家不断努力为宝宝们营造家一般的成长环境, 在满足他们的物质需求的同时, 也尽力满足他们的情感需求和社会需求。

    Our Home

    The healing home is a loving, safe place where the most vulnerable special needs babies are cared for by trained caregivers and medical staff. These women devote their time to the careful feeding and nurturing of the children, ensuring that they gain the weight needed for their surgeries. We provide care during and after the surgery until each baby is fully recovered.


    新生命之家是一家友善的、安全的、为唇腭裂宝宝提供专业看护的机构。我们的看护人员专业喂养患儿, 确保术前体质达标, 并在每个宝宝康复前提供全方位地看护服务。